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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 22, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news. a new direction in the search for a missing 4-year-old boy and the man accused of kidnapping him. the 4-year-old is still missing after a statewide search, the family is now calling for more volunteers. we are live with what dive teams found and why the search is on hold but not over. >> i want to get the sense that
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this search is settling in for the long haul. the red cross set up a tent to help the family and they are renewing efforts to find the child. >> we are handing out flyers for the boy that is missing in town. >> they were posting flyers on business doors. >> anything and everything that we can do to get news out to flyers and ribbons and everything that we can do. >> and it was this 9-year-old that tied ribbons on trees. they are neighbors. >> she is theshe is the only one -- he is the only one that i can play with. >> the exboyfriend is suspected
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to have taken the child. >> i don't care if he gets away. i just want my son. >> the sheriff's department suspended the search of a canal. a man and boy inside were seen driving into the canal and it was reported. sheriff said dive teams need a break, family and neighbors will keep trying get the word out. >> until we get him back. >> you can see the candles burning there in the family driveway, those were placed there during a vigil on wednesday night and tomorrow morning the family is asking for volunteers to come to their home, tomorrow morning at 10:00, where they will be handing out flyers and they are hoping that people help pass out the flyers in the community. >> tonight those dive teams are
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resting after an intense five- day search but the county sheriff said that he expect cans crews to return to the canal in about two days. >> we will reset ourselves and we will plan to continue our search south of the southern gate on this section of the canal. we do not know exactly when we will do it but it the next best step. >> the sheriff said a what the tread pattern found on the road where the farm worker saw the car go in does not match a lexus recovered during the search. the fact that the tread did not match is giving them another reason to suspect that it is the car what the farm worker saw go into the water. we will continue to follow the story closely, for more information on the search for the child, go to and look under local headlines. a 9-year-old boy is
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expected to survive after being shot in the stomach. it happened at noon. he was shot in the lower stomach and was taken to the hospital. police are not sure why he was shot and why arrests have been made. a crowd matched through town protesting abortion. >> san francisco is known for its protests. but this is no antiƱ war demonstration, this is a 50,000 people fighting against abortion. >> it makes sense to be pro life. doesn't it? >> the protesters rallied in the plaza where abortion rights supporters clashed. the opponents tried to block the other side's banner and then someone took it a step further.
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>> i tried unsuccessfully to interview the man that tore up the sign. >> pardon me, sir, you violated their first amendment rights. >> no, no, no, no. >> tell me. >> we know that people here are so called pro life or antiƱ abortion, people pushed us out and ripped our banners. >> you made the choice of getting pregnant so why punish someone else for your mistakes. >> one of the greatest human rights abuses was abortion. >> supporters were out numbered but still vocal. >> so this is take politics out of abortion. this is what women did and still do and will do again to self abort. >> police said this is the biggest walk for life rally
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that they have seen. the president restated his support for the 1973roe versus wade decision. >> he said that he is committed to policies, initiatives and programs that help support pregnant women and mothers and encourage healthy relationships and promote adoptions. a plane and passengers are safe in chicago. flight 450 had an, alarm warn, they circled and made an emergency landing. none of the crew or passen injures -- crew or passengers
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were injured. >> an incident started this the afternoon when a highway patrol tried to stop a motorcycle for speeding. he refused to stop and officers gave chase. >> he was going fast, he was in excess of 90-100 miles an hour. >> officers say the motorcycle crashed hitting a car with two people inside. motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital. his injuries are said to be serious. tonight officials say a victim was a hispanic man that was 40 years old. they are not releasing his name, he was reported missing friday. he was spotted near black sands beach. national park service rangers said they could not reach it by
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boat so the helicopter had to get the body. two cars and two murder victims, two days in a row. value -- the first victim died here and the supporters are gathering. >> people are still gathered they are lighting candles and comforting each other over the death of a young man found shot here yesterday. it happened again across town. an, alert resident spotted a suspicious car on the street and called the police. one of the officers noticed that one of the suspects had bloody clothing. >> blood from the murder of a 27-year-old woman found in the car. the motive unclear but police say she knew her killers.
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a police dog turned up one suspect in a neighbor's yard and the other escaped. >> i feel that there's bad parts and every city has that. >> police are stretched thin keeping up. seven cars, 14 cops for the entire city tonight and just a handful detectives since the city went bankrupt. they were scrambling from yesterday's killing, a carpenter waiting for a ride to work. the family said that with his killer still free, they worry about police lose valuable time. >> we need people that are trained in these things so they can bring comfort to the families. i cannot image anything worse than not knowing who did this and bringing justice. interviewing people and chasing down leads. there's a timeframe that we need to work in and sometimes i do not have the manpower to get
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it done. the police stay there's no link between the killings. here live now, the family said that they will keep tending to this parking lot shrine because it's all they can do. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. customs agents announced that they seized a large shipment of opium, a week ago agents said they became suspicious of wood furniture, when they x-rayed the furniture they found opium hidden inside. another shipment was found a day later. santa clara county medical examiners office released the
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id of a man was found dead in a home. they are waiting to establish the cause of death. gonzalez might have gone inside for shelter because he was homeless. two town hall meetings were held today, the first after the shooting of giffords two weeks ago. he was watched over by several police officers. he said that he is not worried about his safety. i've been doing this for 40 years, and i've been having one town meeting a month and we have never had any -- sometimes people yell at me a bit. >> he said that there's been an increase in heated arguments but he promises business as
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usual. an update on giffords recovery, what she did today that surprised doctors and why they are keeping her in intensive care, that is coming up at 10:30. new ways to stop a rise in gang violence. what may have kept a surfer from dieing today. forget about book worms, a book hawk has moved into the library of congress and now they are trying get it out. channel 2 news continues in a moment.
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at this hour we have developing news where police say a person was shot by a dalyty police officer the shooting happened in san francisco around 7:10 this evening. the scene is filled with law enforcement from different agencies. it's a woman who is in the hospital with life threatening injuries, the officer was on duty when the shooting happened and it seems that the officer was hurt but not shot.
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well we told you about a young man that was shot to death while riding his bicycle. heavies shot with a handgun on story road. police believe the shooter has ties to a local gang. that death is the third related gang homicide in the past few weeks. today, a gang revenge conference was held. >> today in san jose, we change canned lives. gang intervention. a summit looking to cap a specific pocket of violence. inside, a number of tables with a number of different ideas all with one goal and that is to end gang violence in san jose, they had 6 gang related homicides and already there have been three knew year. police say seven people had
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been killed in three weeks and three were gang related. >> we have a lot of kids that are generational gang members and even at the middle school we have can kids that are truant, you wonder why. >> it's not too late to help some. the reality is, they will come in your community. >> the superintendent of the gang prevention task force, he stressed a reentering strategy. he said the reentry approach is working. they had 16 gang related shooting. 14 in 2008, and 6 just last year. for a city of 1.2 million, for them to have six shootings i want speaks volumes to the
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model we are using. and there's plenty that showed up to try to make the city safe. >> in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you mike. well remember you can catch mike and claudine at 7:00 a.m., the latest on the search for the 4-year-old, and all the news from overnight. that will be tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. we have the moments when a wave his a surfer, he was paddling out waves crashed on top of him and towed to shore. without that personal water craft nearby he may have died in the ocean. he was lifted, he is in serious condition after being placed in
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a medically induced coma, a high surf advisory is in effect until 3:00 tomorrow morning. the waves are getting slower now but swells from 15-20 feet pounded the coast line. the teachers association is sponsoring work shops on making science and math exciting. more bad news for california's dire financial situation. they may have to issue ious, the state faces a $25.4 billion deficit, he said that if it's failed to be addressed california will run short of
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cash and be unable to pay its billing. scientists say that central coast sea otters are dieing at a faster pace, and what we put in the water is responsible. scientists say the sea otter population fell by 11% last year, that is up from eight percent in 2009. researches believe that their systems were weakened by pollutants in the water and that increasing bacteria and virus and run off is causing disease among the otters. the library of congress has a guest that refuses to leave. what is being done to try to get a hawk to move on. >> up in main reading room, researches have gotten an
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uninvited visitor, this hawk has made its way to the top here. it's a cooper he is's hawk, do you -- it's a cooper's hawk, how did it get in here? >> we do not know. there's a roof on the dome and somehow the hawk got in that way. >> what steps are you taking? >> we had someone come and they have set traps up in the lantern and are hoping to capture the bird and release it. >> you have researches come in and do their work, with no concern? >> the bird ising up in the lan lantern and we have the -- the bird is staying up in the
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lantern and we have an expert to watch him. >> it's taken a couple of days to try to get at it and get the bird out. no telling how long it will take the to remove the hawk from the library of congress. two dead and several injured what caused a fire at a russian you mall. the pope has surprising remarks about marriage. why he said that priests should take a closer look at couples that want to wed. record breaking heat across the bay area. temperature shift expected for tomorrow. and the day the rain can finally make a come back in the bay area forecast.
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tonight investigators are sifting through the rubble following a deadly mall fire. the fire was in a three store shopping complex. it appears that an explosion started the fire but they do not know what caused the blast.
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western dip low diplomats are up september after -- diplomats are upset after negotiations fell apart. the west is offering tehran where iran ships out their uranium for fuel. the u.s. and other western powers say iran is trying to develop a nuclear web, that is a charge iran denies. no new talks are scheduled. the pope is calling on priests to prepare couples for marriage better. just yesterday the pope took a veiled slight at divorce.
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in on the part news in afghanistan, a crisis was averted, mr. carzi had refused to ratify the parliament. in algieria, demonstrators and police fought as opposition supporters gathered in denying a government ban. the state run news agency said that two were injured. some protesters waved a different flag and called for reforms. from saudi, arabia, a man set himself on fire in protest. he was protesting the problem
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in getting citizenship, he lived in the southern part of the the country. there have been several cases of self burning. sgt. shriver, the was laid to rest today following a funeral that drew some of the highest dignitaries. the president and first lady and vice president were at the service. if you saw how the peace corp started or watching the rise of legal services. here a man that was at the core of a family that had suffered more and lost more and showed
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up every day. and found joy in life. >> ma ria, shriver and her husband were there at the funeral. giffords surprised her doctors. an online milestone for apple. what one select person received for the historic moment.
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representative giffords has begun a new phase, she is expected to start rehab in few
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days. what she did today that surprised her doctors. >> one of the doctors said he has been surprised at how strong she is on her left hand side she can not stand or speak. but doctors saw that her left leg was hanging over the side of the bed and they asked her to bring it up over the bed and she was able to do it. and they said that that actually found that that was a nice surprise, we with spoke earlier with her doctor. >> she surprised us, she did not need assistance. there's people holding to her as was described. but she is activates her muscles more than i anticipated. >> he went on to say that her right side is not as strong as her left side. she is still in the icu, she has a drain in her head she has fluid on the brain and they
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need to drain it out or the swelling will put too much pressure. as long as it's on her head she will stay in icu. zsa zsa gabore is back home a week after doctors amputated her right leg. an infection would in the heal. she had been expected to remain in the hospital for two weeks. she will be monitored daily. tv keith olbermann held his final count down, he signed off from the show last night. he did not give additional details to split from the network that was confirmed by nbc, two months ago he was suspended for donating money to
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democratic candidates. we are a year away from the presidential primary season. but we are getting a view as how big gop names may stack up. >> this poll comes early but you may have an indication of the contenders. mittromney was in the polls. the poll was taken at a meeting today. here is the way it stacked up. romney at 35% tops the lift with candidates that are coming in with five percent of the vote. and 11% is ron paul, and he has quite a following especially on the internet. and alaska sarah palin got 7% of the vote and that was
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voluntarilied by michelle balkman and jim demint, 5%. high profile political figures did not score well with republicans. newt gingrich, and mitch daniels and huckabee. meantime the white house is gearing up for the campaign and staff changes, the president chose a new campaign manager. he is currently the deputy white house chief of staff. and senior presidential adviser david axle rod is moving to the chicago based campaign operation. fox news. one bay area city is saying
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no to cash. discovery bay residents will not be able to pay with cash. officials say the new policy will ensure the safety for town clarks. critics con tend it's a way to stop requests for public report. apple's apps store is celebrating the person that downloaded the 10 billionth app. they will get a gift card. they launched in 2008, they sell applications for apple products. the first waste collection
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drive was held. the electronics will have the lead removed and keep that out of state landfills. a pet can be a friend to those in need or ill. a group that helps care for such animals celebrated a mile tonight. if it was a grand opening celebration for paws organization. the folks at paws help animals. they will have a pet food bank and on site dog washing station and volunteer vets and vet techs on staff. >> a rare sight on the coast line of the southeastern u.s., snow is on the beach.
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that could be the beginning. the complete bay area forecast coming up
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. the winter weather along the east coast is making for a rare sight in north carolina, snow covered beaches, snow began to appear on top sail island. three inches are predicted tomorrow. snow flurries are predicted as far south at south carolina. the bay area dealing with record heat and the rest of the country is dealing with a cold
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weather pattern. in fact right now with the temperatures i cannot show you what is happening. we will draw and trace the line, anywhere up above the line we are talking about cold numbers. the jet stream is the cold air and warm air area, it's 5 degrees, you still have the rain free forecast. as far as temperatures from today, record heat to report, you can see for oakland, kentfield and san jose, they topped out at 72, breaking the record of 71. you see the warm numbers out there, san francisco 67 and concord topped out in the lower 70s and readings in low to mid 70s. for tonight, fair skies and winds in the hills up above
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2000 feet mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. we will have a dry weather pattern, storm clouds going to the the north of the bay area. a weak system is moving along. the fog forming right now in the central valley, high pressure is reestablishing itself and a result, we could have gusty winds for east bay hills. the storm clouds and rain cloud -- rain clouds continue to move north. we will have a few clouds drifting overhead tomorrow. forecast tomorrow, upper 30s to upper 40s in the morning and 12:00 fair skies 55-60 degrees
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and 3:00, mostly in 60s. coming down 3-6 degrees. and san jose around 67 today. here is a look ahead. five-day forcast, patchy morning fog, especially out toward the delta for monday morning possibly to tuesday as well, and we are talking about quite a few 60s, mid and upper 60s. possibly the long-range forecast model suggesting rainfall in february. possibly february fifth. that is what they are saying right now. >> it is nice right now. >> right, allergies are kicking in and frees are blooming. another bay area college basketball team pulled off a huge upset. and the warriors put their four-game win streak on the
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line against the lakers. we have the high flying highlights next in sports wrap.
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good evening everyone welcome to the saturday night edition of sports wrap. the warriors got see the clip -- got to see the clippers tonight. super man's name is blake griffin. williams got to play 42 minutes tonight in la, he has not finished moves like this, he


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